Z SPACE presents
Evan Johnson in:

don't feel:
the death of dahmer

FEB 22, 24, 26 & MAR 4, 12  at Z Below

Directed by Ben Randle | Developed with Eric Wilcox

DON'T FEEL: The Death Of Dahmer takes place within Jeffrey Dahmer's final moments of brain activity, a unique setting that confronts the viewer with a multitude of questions: What happened to the soul of "born-again" Jeffrey Dahmer once his fellow inmate (nicknamed “Christ”) struck him dead? Should we place Jeffrey Dahmer in the queer continuum? Is abnormal sexuality a choice? Who is to blame for compulsive behavior?...Johnson plays a plethora of characters both real and imagined, creating a disturbing world in which Dahmer, as a troubled queer man, wrestles with his mortality and the fate of his soul. 

Talkback after February 24th Show - The Psychology of Dahmer

On Friday, February 24th, Drs. Kellie Rollins and Kaela Joseph, clinical psychologists, join actor/creator Evan Johnson after the show for a talkback. They will discuss Jeffrey Dahmer’s case from a psychological and queer identity perspective. Mr. Dahmer invited assessment of his psychological profile shortly after his conviction in order to allow professionals to better identify people who may have a similar make-up and potential for committing heinous crimes in the spirit of prevention. The presentation will include results of his MMPI personality profile assessed right before his death in prison as well as discussion of his possible internalized homophobia. What psychological determinents drove Mr. Dahmer to kill and mutilate? What role did his sexuality, family structure, trauma, and characterological organization play in his virtually lifelong fascination and draw to killing and cannibalizing his 17 victims?