The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits Theatre Collective presents


A Seriously Radical Feminist Comedy

August 10 -26 at Z Below | A World Premiere
by Anne Galjour | directed by Nancy Carlin | featuring Jeri Lynn Cohen, Patricia Silver, & Howard Swain

Inspired by the writings of radical feminist philosopher and theologian Mary Daly, #GetGandhi - A Seriously Radical Feminist Comedy is a world premiere, multi-character play written by award-winning playwright and actor Anne Galjour focusing on Mahatma Gandh's infamous experiments in brahmacharya, or celibacy. Gandhi would have a young woman disrobe and sleep with him completely naked as a test to prove his seminal continence and his purity of spirit. Gandhi never saw anything wrong with this practice, but a small coven of old school bra-burning San Francisco feminists do. They plot to avenge these sex crimes. They set out for the Gandhi memorial statue, located on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, to rip it from its base, and drag it up Market Street in the middle of the night. 

The play focuses on the women, their families, the backlash from their Generation X children as well as the conflict that is fueled from opposing responses to the revered hero's celibacy experiments. To Bob, the male character who is a longtime practitioner of Gandhi's principles of nonviolence, his hero is flawed. To his female counterparts, this flawed prince of peace is an imposter and sexual abuser. #GetGandhi explores the themes of sexual assault and the removal of statues of historical figures once deemed heroic. Questions of the destruction of public art and vandalism are also debated in the play.




Jeri Lynn Cohen*
Lyndsy Kail*
Patrica Silver*
Howard Swain*
Miranda Swain

*members of Actors Equity Association

Stage manager - Toni Guidry
Directed by Nancy Carlin