A gift of any amount makes a significant impact to Z Space as we get closer to the opening night of The Making of a Great Moment. By making a gift, you directly support the production and receive Z Space donor benefits at your chosen giving level.

Did we mention the set for The Making of a Great Moment is in Massachusetts? Lucky for us, our production manager Wolfgang is driving it.  Support this cost and follow WOLFGANG ACROSS AMERICA on Facebook and Instagram!  #ReadySETGo. #WolfgangAcrossAmerica


Buy Wolfgang a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts in New York, scrapple in Pennsylvania, or some Hoosier Pie from Indiana. .


Sponsor a night or two at a Motel 6 in Rochester, New York ($60.00), Chicago, Illinois ($64.99), or Cheyenne, Wyoming ($62.00).


Buy one or more tanks of gas (our 16ft Penske truck needs 33 gallons for a full tank!) in Cleveland, Ohio ($64.02), Avoca, Iowa ($72.60) or Battle Mountain, Nevada ($84.48)!


Gifts at this level support the people and equipment that we need to make Great Moments!


Gifts at this level support lighting and sound equipment.


Gifts of this size support the technical director of the show.


Pay for a stage manager and assistant stage manager for a month.


Supports salaries for designers and actors!
*The highest investor will get their names in the play!  

For questions or to give on the phone, contact Individual Giving Manager
Abigail Pañares
at 415.659.8134 or apanares@zpsace.org