Our behind-the-scenes work with every project is unique and continues over the course of several years, ensuring that the stage is set for a successful world premiere. We facilitate the artist's exploration of their own creative path and encourage their investigation of expanded possibilities for their visions.

Anniversary! Stories from Tobias Wolff, George Saunders, and More
by word for word

Word for Word brings back new selections from the most impactful authors from the past 25 years. Featuring guest performances by all members of Word for Word, we will celebrate the Word for Word legacy and honor the collaborators who have made Word for Word a Bay Area staple.

A Good Neighbor

Someone unexpected has joined the potluck, and suddenly small talk feels big. How can a mother protect her daughter from these outside influences, when her daughter is suddenly developing political beliefs of her own? A startling look at teenage rebellion, political righteousness, and personal transformation, A Good Neighbor causes the entire neighborhood to re-examine how they let people in.

A Good Neighbor was written by local playwright Kate E. Ryan, commissioned and developed by Z Space in San Francisco, and fueled by group discussions with women from the Bay Area. This project is generously supported by the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.