Our behind-the-scenes work with every project is unique and continues over the course of several years, ensuring that the stage is set for a successful world premiere. We facilitate the artist's exploration of their own creative path and encourage their investigation of expanded possibilities for their visions.

z forge

Z Forge is a 4-day workshop at Drop Forge & Tool in Hudson, NY that brings together 10-12 artists who have experience in devising new works, most of whom do not know each other. Everyone leads one session on whatever they want to bring to the group: an exercise they like to do, a part of a project they're working on that they want to see on its feet, an out-of-nowhere idea that has no bearing on what they do regularly but have always wanted to try. With no required output at the end of the workshop, the focus is entirely on the process of devising and building relationships with artists from across the country.


A world premiere production. By Colman Domingo, adapted from the short story by Lysley Tenorio. Z Space will create an immersive set to take us from the home of a traditional Filipino family to a vibrant trans bar. The death of an estranged younger sibling presents Edmond and his Ma with a choice: to cling to the memory of "Eric", their little brother and son, or to accept Erica's true identity. 

Anniversary! Stories from Tobias Wolff, George Saunders, and More
by word for word

Word for Word brings back new selections from the most impactful authors from the past 25 years. Featuring guest performances by all members of Word for Word, we will celebrate the Word for Word legacy and honor the collaborators who have made Word for Word a Bay Area staple.

A new play by kate E. ryan

Featuring an all-female cast, this provocative new play chronicles some unusual shifts in a Bay Area women’s support group. At the beginning, these well-educated, diverse women appear liberal-minded. When a charismatic new member joins, the women slowly begin to realize that she holds very conservative views. A political clash ensues, forcing all of the women to re-examine deeply held beliefs.