Z Space Presents:


Written by Cory Hinkle | Directed by Michael French
part of the Problematic Play Festival

Friday, October 12, 8PM at Z Below

A hallucinatory journey through a soldier’s decaying mind in an American military prison in the deserts of Iraq. Loosely based on the Abu Ghraib scandal, Phosphorescence explores cycles of violence that spread through our bodies, minds and media and moves from terrifying violence to poetic beauty.

"To be clear, the play has a lot of misogynist imagery. It also has sexist, racist, homophobic, and anti-Islam imagery and content. I took all of that directly from Abu Ghraib and what actually happened in that prison in Iraq. The soldiers in Abu Ghraib actually used this sort of offensive imagery as a weapon. But what if I failed at my original intent? What if I didn’t write a play critiquing misogynist imagery, I created a piece that was actually misogynist? I’m interested in exploring that fine line between those two things." 
—Playwright Cory Hinkle


Free to the public with suggested donation, RSVP's strongly encouraged.

The reading of the play will be approximately 80 minutes. This will be followed by a 15-minute release break, after which we will regroup for a 30-minute discussion, facilitated by Radhika Rao and Amitis Rossoukh.


Top Row L to R: Kevin Glass, Gabriel Montoya, Kaitlyn Ortega
Bottom Row L to R: Robert Parsons*, Derek Jones, Amitis Rossoukh

*Member, Actors’ Equity