Z Space Presents:


Written by Rachel Bublitz | Directed by Lisa Steindler
part of the Problematic Play Festival

Saturday, October 13, 8 PM at Z Below

Lucy, a freshman in college, is torn between her excitement about the new people in her life and having to leave her old life and loves behind. As she struggles to find a balance between the new and the old, a sexual encounter leaves her confused and concerned that she may have been a victim of rape. The play moves back and forth through time and space as Lucy tries to piece together the unraveling interactions between herself and the two young men she’s torn between, illuminating the events behind her uncertainty and sparking questions regarding consent.

"This play terrifies me in a lot of ways. When I decided to tackle rape as a topic, I knew I didn’t want to create a play telling people that rape is wrong, because we all already know that. Instead I wanted to create a play in the gray areas and nuance of this issue, hoping that would give an audience space to examine their own definitions around rape and consent."
—Playwright Rachel Bublitz


Free to the public with suggested donation, RSVP's strongly encouraged.

The reading of the play will be approximately 80 minutes. This will be followed by a 15-minute release break, after which we will regroup for a 30-minute discussion, facilitated by Radhika Rao and Abigail Pañares.


L to R: Nicole Apostol Bruno*, Daniel Chung*, James Aaron Oh

*Member, Actors’ Equity