Our Technical Residency Program provides artists with much needed time and technical and design resources at the crucial late-stage of new work development. The TDRP was created in response to artists’ increasing use of technology and design elements in their work. As a result, more time is needed for project development. Z Space is one of the very few institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer late-stage residencies across all performance disciplines that includes access to space, to a fully equipped theater and to technical personnel. This program is fully funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The TDRP serves artists that have limited access to technical and to design resources and have few opportunities to spend adequate time developing their ideas in a fully-equipped theater, acknowledging that performance makers need more time in a full-production environment prior to opening if they are to develop outstanding new works. However, the typical production schedule in the United States collapses the most complicated technical and staging decisions into one “tech week” that allows very little time for experimentation or exploration of ideas without the stress of opening night looming.

Each residency lasts one to two weeks, depending on artists’ goals and needs. All activities take place on our versatile main stage, featuring quality lighting, sound and projection equipment and a 42-foot by 64-foot playing space. In addition to uninterrupted time to explore ideas, Z Space provides full technical staff support and project management and consultation with Z space senior staff on resource development and partnerships, as desired or warranted. Works-in-progress may be presented to the public, if the artist wishes, although residencies are not necessarily linked to public performances before premiering.

Residencies are awarded by invitation only. If you have question about
The Z Space Technical Development Residency Program, please contact
Production Director Drew Yerys at dyerys@zspace.org.


  • Aaron Landsman (City Council Meeting)
  • Chinaka Hodges
  • Stacey Printz
  • Mugwumpin (The Great Big Also)
  • Miranda Jones (The Precipice)
  • University of Chichester UK
  • The Bengsons (Hundred Days)
  • Margo Hall and Marcus Shelby (Be Bop Baby: A Musical Memoir)
  • LEVYdance (Comfort Zone)
  • Joe Goode Performance Group (HUSH)
  • Marc Bamuthi Joseph
  • LEVYdance
  • Bad Unkl Sista
  • Sara Shelton Mann
  • Sarah Wilson & Catch Me Bird


  • Joe Goode Performance Group (Wonderboy and 29 Effeminate Gestures)
  • Farah Shaikh (The Twentieth Wife)
  • David Herrera (Touch)
  • Youth Speaks (Spiritrials)
  • Opera Parallele (Heart of Darkness)
  • Cornerstone Theater Ensemble (California: The Tempest)
  • Theatre Mitu  (JUÁREZ: A Documentary Mythology)
  • Peter Sinn Nachtrieb (A House Tour)
  • Marc Bathmuti Joseph and Michael John Gárces (Pehlotah)
  • Elevator Repair Service (ARGUENDO)
  • The Kilbanes (Weightless)