“Every Monday I would get so excited that the next day I would have Word for Word. On Tuesdays at PE again I get very excited and I would think “Today is Word for Word!’”

Student, Cornell Elementary School


For students like Caleb from Cornell Elementary, memorizing lines from a script is the most fun and challenging part of a Word for Word workshop!


It's more important than ever for our young people to see and perform stories, and to be engaged in these stories...it will be the only thing—in a world where there are so many other things competing for their attention—that will get them to focus, to become better listeners, to read and to think. 

Greg Sarris, 
Author, How A Mountain Was Made

"Word for Word celebrates language. I want my students to understand how accessible literature is and how joyous theatre can be."

Delia MacDougall, 
Teaching Artist

"Our work not only creates impactful experiences that develop awareness and confidence in the participants, but the experiences also resonate throughout their lives."

Gendell Hing-Hernandez, 
Teaching Artist

"My students love Word for Word because it's fun. They are encouraged to make noise, experiment, and be silly. What the students don't realize is that while they're laughing and playing, they are actually learning about storytelling and practicing reading, speaking, and enunciation. In a matter of days, I've seen students transform. Word for Word helps my newcomer students develop social and academic skills! I can't say enough about it." 

Cynthia Cen, 
Classroom Teacher, Francisco Middle School


If you are interested in bringing Youth Arts to your school or would like more information about the Youth Arts program contact: Youth Arts Coordinator, Amy Prosser at aprosser@zspace.org