THE brother(s)

Adapted by Colman Domingo | Based on a short story by Lysley Tenorio

STORY | The Brother(s) is a new play by Colman Domingo about the courage it takes to love your family as they are, and not who you want them to be. With a lively trans chorus and a dynamic set design, the entire space will shift quickly from location to location, bringing the story's glittering spectacle to life. Beneath the excitement of the production’s sudden shifts and turns lies an intimate relationship between the protagonist, Edmond, and his mother. The death of an estranged younger sibling presents Edmond and his Ma with a choice: to cling to the memory of "Eric," their little brother and son, or to accept Erica's true identity. 

THEMES |  Family, gender identity, grief, loss, heritage, healing, pride, forgiveness

COMMUNITY | The Brother(s) calls in many deeply embedded Bay Area communities; in particular, the Filipino-American, trans, and drag communities. This is also the story of a changing city. So many have come to the Bay Area in search of a place to be seen as their authentic selves. As San Francisco rapidly evolves, this play celebrates the irreplaceable people and sacred places that comprise our home.

SETTING |  Set in San Francisco in the early 90’s, The Brother(s) will transform Z Space into an immersive, adaptable playing space that seamlessly travels through the landscape of Edmond’s grief: his mother’s home in Oakland, a reality TV show, a dazzling bar, Erica’s apartment, a funeral home. Through interactive performances and immersive design, The Brother(s) will employ the full power of meta-theatrical magic.

Special thanks to The Horizons Foundation, a supporting funder of this project.