Word for Word's Off the Page staged reading series is the public's first look at pieces we are considering for upcoming productions. With a public staged reading of a short story, we invite audiences to see the steps of our process of bringing a work from the page to the stage in the Word for Word style. After the reading, the audience is encouraged to engage in a conversation with us, which gives valuable feedback as we decide on the next steps of a work's development.

2019 Calendar


FEB 11
Jeffrey Eugenides "Complainers"

Directed by Amy Kossow
From Fresh Complaint, the Pulitzer winner's only book of short stories, "which leaves the readers freshly grateful for what literature can do".
7:00 pm, Z Below | Reserve Seats

MAR 18
Octavio Solis "Retablos: Tales from the Border"
Directed by Sheila Balter
SF Chronicle: Best 100 Books of 2018. "In these disarming retablos, [Solis] offers readers an expansive way of regarding the troubled world we live in now." (Seattle Times)
7:00 PM, Z Below | Reserve Seats

JUN 10
William Trevor "Broken Homes" and "Sitting with the Dead" (rights pending)
Directed by Paul Finocchiaro
"Every sentence William Trever wrote was perfectly crafted, yet he had a love of storytelling:  his first loyalty was always to the rider's desire to find out what was going to happen next."  —The Guardian
7:00 PM, Z Below | Reserve Seats

JUL 22
Greg Sarris "Citizen"
Directed by Gendell Hernandez
Salvador, born in the U.S., but raised in Mexico, son of an American mother and Mexican father. He has returned to the U.S. to find his mother, or rather her grave.  In the process, he discovers his true identity, and what it means to belong.
7:00 PM, Z Below | Reserve Seats

Alice Sola Kim "Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying"
Directed by Abigail Pañares.
A tale of supernatural possession. (Rights Pending)
7:00 PM, Z Below | Reserve Seats