Madison Wetzell

Madison Wetzell

Mediocre Heterosexual Sex

The 2019 Problematic Play Festival

Written by Madison Wetzell
Directed by Maya Herbsman
Friday, October 4, 7:30pm

Four hours after getting dumped by her girlfriend, Erin takes to Tinder to try men for the first time. She ends up meeting Aaron, who is only too happy to indulge her submissive fantasies. To make sense of her deeply ambivalent experience, Erin seeks the advice of Violet and Jeremy, a couple in a dominant/submissive relationship and the only straight people she knows. A vexed exploration of gender, power, and kink.

Madison Wetzell Bio

Madison Wetzell is a playwright based in the East Bay. Her past work includes her translation/adaptation of The Bacchae, which premiered in Tilden Park, and Two Coins for the Ferryman, co-written with Akaina Ghosh, which premiered at Z Below as part of 3Girls Theater’s Innovators Series. Her short play The Official Unicorn Hunters' Guide was the winner of Round 2 of ShortLived VIII at PianoFight. She is a member of PlayGround's 2019-2020 writers pool.