Hundred Days

Z Space, piece by piece productions, and Encore Theatre present:

Hundred Days

A Folk Rock Odyssey about Love, Life, and Loss

February 20 - April 13, 2014 at Z Space

"Impossible to resist...Hundred Days succeeds brilliantly."
 - Sam Hurwitt for KQED

Hundred Days is the brainchild of married duo The Bengsons. They created, composed and star in the indie-rock opera, which blends soaring vocals, frenetic rhythms and rousing all-join-hands choruses to create a new hybrid of folk rock, theater and art.

Shaun and Abigail, backed by a full rock band and a chorus of singers, tell the fierce, triumphant story of Will and Sarah, a young couple who fall in love only to have their time together cut short by illness. Will and Sarah decide to take the short time they have left together, 100 days, and live them as though they were the 60 years they imagined they would share. "It's the moment in the show where two people who have fallen in love and are facing an illness seize their destinies. They're saying 'fuck you' to time. It's full of folly and a bratty, youthful lust for life." As the story unfolds, Shaun and Abigail and the world around them morph from a present-day concert setting, into the intense inner world of Will and Sarah, as the couple enters a fantastic universe attempting to out-wit time and live out full lives in the short time they have left.

The Bengsons' Americana-tinged music has been lauded by the likes of the New York Times and the Huffington Post, their single “Ashes” was featured on So You Think You Can Dance, and is infectious and catchy while also melancholic and beautiful. Abigail Bengson’s haunting, virtuosic voice at times evokes such diverse talents as Bjork and Janis Joplin.

With a full rock band, a choir of singers, dazzling sets, and breathtaking music, Hundred Days is the Bay Area’s hottest world premiere of the year.


Created by and featuring the music of: Abigail & Shaun Bengson
Director: Anne Kauffman
Book by: Kate E. Ryan
Producer (Z Space): Lisa Steindler
Producer (piece by piece productions): Wendy vanden Heuvel
Producer (Encore Theatre Company): James Faerron
Choreographer: Joe Goode

Shaun Bengson - Will
Abigail Bengson - Sarah
Amy Lizardo - Sarah / Chorus
Jo Lampert*- Max / DJ / Chorus
Reggie D. White* - Will / Chorus / Dance Captain
Melissa Kaitlyn Carter - Caroline / Chorus
Dalane Mason* - Father / Chorus
Kate Kilbane - Bass / Chorus
Joshua Pollock - Electric Guitar / Tenny / Chorus
El Beh - Cello / Doctor / Chorus
Geneva Harrison - Percussion / Chorus

Creative Team
Associate Director: Caitlin Sullivan
Assistant Choreographer: Damara Vita Ganley
Set Designer: Kris Stone
Assistant Set Designers: Akiko Kosaka and Jessie Bonaventura
Sound Designer: Drew Yerys
Assistant Sound Designer and Sound Engineer: Lawton Lovely
Lighting Designer: Allen Willner
Costume Designer: Christine Crook
Asstistant Costume Designer: Emily White
Properties Designer: Jacquelyn Scott

Production Team
Stage Manager: Sarah Bingel*
Assistant Stage Manager: Amber Bryant
Producing Manager: James Faerron

The Salt Crew

Production Assistants: Mario Cambern, Brian Trybom, Ryan Courtney, Eliot Bacon
Monitor Engineer: Marcel Cacdac
Asstistant Monitor Engineer: David Burke
Light Board Operator: Dylan West
Artistic Assistant: Jimmy Walden
Music Advisors: David Möschler and Dan Moses Schlessinger
Scenic Shop: Rooster Productions
Rigging Consultant: Sean Riley
Technical Draftsman: Christopher Morris
Hundred Days Lobby Mural: Brendan McCarthy
Under-Riser Installation: Jacquelyn Scott and Kris Stone