A Z Space Residency

The Red Shades

A Trans Superhero Rock Opera

Coming in July 2019!

Written by: Adrienne Price
Music by: Adrienne Price, Matt Grandy, and Jeanine Adkisson

The Red Shades is a trans superhero rock opera, written by local artist Adrienne Price.

Mixing elements of a rock concert and musical theater, The Red Shades tells the story of Ida, a teenage trans girl, who runs away from home to escape the traumas of small-town life and joins a gang of trans superheroes squatting in the Tenderloin.

Concert versions of The Red Shades have been performed at El Rio, Starline Social Club, PianoFight, the Fresh Meat Festival, and the San Francisco Trans March 2018. It has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and on KPFA.

Z Space is supporting the ongoing development of the show. This work-in-progress performance will give you a taste of what’s coming your way…

Check back here for dates and ticketing reservations.