"In Entanglement, AJ Baker manages to explore the quantum mechanics behind humanity’s interconnectivity in a manner that’s intelligent, accessible and enjoyable.  Memorable performances are buoyed by Baker’s uplifting story.” 
—San Francisco Examiner

3Girls Theatre presents


November 17 - December 17, 2016 at Z Below

A Play by AJ Baker
Directed by Louis Parnell

AJ Baker brings us a play about a play about the quantum mechanics of love. It’s been twenty years since actors Emma and Luke were a couple, but they’re still connected by a net of loose ends and secrets. When Emma writes a thinly veiled roman-a-clef of a play and asks Luke to direct her in it, the struggle over who controls the story of their break-up—and its far-ranging results—becomes just as important as the script itself. Aided and abetted by Luke’s daughter and Emma’s husband, the former lovers turn Emma’s play into a backdrop for grappling with how their long-ago choices entangle them in each other’s lives forever.