Z Space and Killing My Lobster presents:

KMLZ: The Lobster Before Christmas

December 15 - 17, 2016 on Z Space's Main Stage

How much do you really know about the holidays?

Think about it. Sure, most holidays seem like they're full of fun and togetherness now, but that's definitely not how they started. For the first time in history, we delve deep into the underworld of holiday origin stories. Join us as we investigate the hilarious and twisted truth behind our 'precious' holidays. This is KMLZ: The Lobster Before Christmas.

Guest Acts include McPuzo & Trotsky and Baloney.

Z Space and Killing My Lobster reprise their collaboration in what is quickly becoming an essential holiday tradition.


Guest Stars:


Baloney is San Francisco's first and only Gay All-Male Revue, created by partners Rory Davis & Michael Phillis. We present funny, sexy, thought-provoking male striptease with story & substance. Baloney celebrates body diversity, gender diversity, and queer sexuality in all its many forms.

McPuzo and Trotsky

Purveyors of satirical songs from the Roaring Twenties, McPuzo and Trotsky have been writing fine Songs which Satirize and Amuse since 1917. Before that it was pretty much all crowbars and playing with leeches. Members: Heinrich McPuzo, Sid Trotsky


We're thrilled to announce that the Thursday, December 15 performance will contain a Donation Drive, 50% of which will go to Raphael House. The mission of Raphael House is to help at-risk families achieve stable housing and financial independence while strengthening family bonds and personal dignity.


Director: Molly "Jingle" Benson
Head Writer: Amanda "Santa Isn't Real But My Disappointment Is" Rosenberg

Elaine "Still Krampus" Gavin
James "Seasonal Depression" Jordan
Kate "Banned From The Office Holiday Party" Elston
Mike "The Beard Is Fake" Ottum
Molly "Tragedy on 34th Street" Sanchez
Sean "Sigh" Owens
Ty & Gina "Matching Elf Mini Skirts" Bardi


Stage Manager: Britta "Get Me Out Of Here" McClure

Elaine "Krampus" Gavin
Erin Mei-Ling "Misteltoe Allergy" Stuart
Griffin "Reindeer Thong" Griffin
Justin "Kids' Table" Lucas
Kenny "Christmahanakwanzika" Bourquin
Kyna "Ugh, Lame" Wise
Max "Green Bean Casserole" Maliga
Michelle "Stocking Full of Pencils" Peck