RE:ACT presents:

Things Reveal Themselves Passing Away

A World Premiere

September 16-25, 2016 at Z Below

Three months into their marriage, Joy and Mark, 43 year olds married for the first time, grapple with the decision to become parents. After some unexpected medical results, they embark on a journey to discover who they really are and how they want to live. Should they intervene medically, adopt, or embrace a childfree life?

Things Reveal Themselves Passing Away is a coming of middle-age comedy about ambivalence in a world of unlimited choice.



A play by Amy Prosser
Directed by Jackie Apodaca

Maria Affinito*
Molly Benson
Tara Blau*
Leon Goertzen*
Lisa Hori-Garcia*
Emily Serdahl
Will Springhorn, Jr.*

*Actors appear courtesy of AEA
This is an Equity approved project.