The 52nd Street Project presents

Where the Knot Ends 

An Original Full-Length Play
Devised and Performed by The Teen Ensemble

June 28 at Z Below

Beginning in October 2018 the Teen Ensemble expressed interest in exploring issues relating to Politics, Love & Relationships, College/Education, Meaning of Life, Pop Culture, Personal Identity, History, Family, Science vs. Religion, and Community. Upon review of theatrical moments the teens created in the Fall 2018 and the dialogue about the content they were creating, we highlighted words they generated that could be used as a metaphor for the themes they wanted to explore. Knots was selected on the basis that it has a lot of potential for varied perspectives and outcomes.

What is a knot? Both a noun and a verb, knot refers to order and chaos: the order of connecting or fastening rope or string, the chaos of tangled hair or intersecting relationships. We are surrounded by knots on a daily basis: from graduation tassels to stomachs; from learning to tie your shoelaces to learning to tie a knot around your abuela's pastelles recipe; from knots left behind in the past to knots we anticipate in the future. Where the Knot Ends explores the endless variety of knots we experience in our lifetime: intersections, beginnings and endings.

Ensemble Members: Justin Banister, Sabrina Caldona, Jayda Isabel Camacho, Jade Diamond Cuevas, Josh Gomez, Lambert Havard-Whitney, Genesis Hires, Bryan Lopez, Kayla Matos, Tiffany Miller, Wilhelmina Ohene-Karikari, Chyanne Peña, Tiniah Renee Powell, Sofia Santoni, & Karen Tineo.

Directors: Kat Almirañez, Garrett Kim, & Ciana Proto

Mentors: Sam Dash, Jimmy Kenna, John Manolis, Rachel Pickup, & Lynne Marie Rosenberg