Klanghaus presents

Barn Owl

A performance of a work-in-progress by Evan Johnson and Teddy Hulsker, in collaboration with Libby King

Monday, January 8th - Z Space
Doors at 7pm
Performances start at 7:30pm

Klanghaus is a monthly event featuring local artists representing an array of mediums. Each Klanghaus has a unique theme, or a featured artist, or an experimental method of curation on which the event is built around.

Join us this installment for an evening of cosmic occurrences and extraterrestrial visitations. 

At the dawn of the cyber age, 39 members of the UFO death cult Heaven’s Gate “exited” their human vehicles [bodies], transitioning, they believed, into androgynous Star Beings and leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs on the World Wide Web. Evan Johnson (PansyDon’t Feel: The Death of Dahmer) teams up with Teddy Hulsker (performer/multi-media artist/Klanghaus Artistic Director) to create a chilling sci-fi ghost story exploring loss, queer cosmologies and the power of belief.

Created and Performed by Evan Johnson and Teddy Hulsker in collaboration with Libby King. This work in progress showing is a lead up to a full production at Counter Pulse in late May. For more information journey here: https://www.counterpulse.org/event/barn-owl/

In conjunction with the work in process showing Bay Area artist collective Klanghaus is hosting an Alien Themed art party. We will be featuring guest artists from around the bay each offering their own interpretations of alienation, queerness, gender, space, time, starlight, and more. We’re going to Jupiter and beyond! 

Peace Be Upon You StarChildren!