Photos by Jeff Zender

Photos by Jeff Zender

Printz Dance Project presents:


May 4 - 6 on Z Space's Main Stage

As human, face-to-face interaction is dismantled and technology-driven encounters become more pervasive, GLASSlands explores how our ability to communicate and connect is impacted. GLASSlands, is a new evening-length work exploring proximity, visibility, technology and connection in a culture of ever increasing emotional and intimate distances. Choreographed by Printz Dance Project Artistic Director Stacey Printz, GLASSlands features set design by Sean Riley. The set pieces are large, transparent pod-like structures, or “bubble rooms” that will inhabit the performance space, providing a plastic world that dancers will populate and explore.

“Technology as it affects interpersonal relationships is already threading itself into our day-to- day existence, but has yet to be fully unpackaged,” adds Printz. “As our country continues to be in a period of upheaval, it feels exceedingly important to make art that shines a light on our shared experiences.” 



Printz Dance Project (PDP) is a San Francisco-based contemporary dance company under the artistic direction of Stacey Printz. Made up of dancers with varied training backgrounds, the company has performed repertory shows in Printz’s signature fusion style across the United States and abroad for over 15 years. PDP creates musically driven, visceral dance pieces that integrate themes centered around the human experience.


Conceived by: Stacey Printz and Sean Riley
Choreographer/Director: Stacey Printz
Set Design: Sean Riley
Lighting Design: Wolfgang Wachalovsky
Assistant Director: Jenni Bregman
Costumes: Jamielyn Duggan
Dancers/Creative Collaborators: Suzy Myre, Katie Wong, Louis Acquisto, Jenni Bregman, Sadie Carhart, Corey Brady, Camryn Kelly, Kim Holt, Jorge Vazquez and Stacey Printz
Photos by: Jeff Zender