A Z Space Residency

Patti + the kid

A Work-In-Progress showing 

Tuesday May 23, 7PM and Friday May 26th, 4PM
on the Z Space main stage

Come and witness the progress of a unique piece of theatre!  

Z Space will be hosting PATTI + THE KID for a week. Being in process is vulnerable and ugly and raw. But, Frank Boyd and Libby King feel the best way forward is to keep showing the material while it is being made.  So, show #1 (Tuesday) is “where we left off”, performing the draft from their recent residency in Seattle.  Then Frank and Libby intend to work their asses off and present the progress at Show #2  (Friday).

What we know about PATTI + THE KID…

•    THEY are Waiting somewhere in-between the
      pursuit of happiness + the pursuit of despair.
•    It’s a western.
•    There is a lot of gun play.  Nerf gun play.
•    They live on carpets.
•    They see ghosts.
•    They have been left behind by technology.
•    Waiting for Godot is the spirit animal here.