Z SPACE and piece by piece productions present:

Soledad Barrio & Noche flamenca "ANTIgona"

Feb 4 - 25 on Z Space's Main Stage

The idea to create a flamenco interpretation of the text and themes in Sophocles' Antigone began when Noche Flamenca's Artistic Director Martín Santangelo encountered the Living Theatre's production of the classic play and was struck by the battle between an individual, disenfranchised woman and the authority of the state and its patriarchy. The idea resurfaced in 2010 when judge Baltasar Garzon was suspended from the Spanish court for his efforts to publicly honor those who fought against Franco, allowing families to bury their relatives previously left in mass graves. This breach of democracy struck Santangelo as similar to the conflict in Antigone, confirming his belief that the story is alive and relevant today. At its heart, however, the story of Antigone resonates with the roots of flamenco, which is based not in any one culture or region, but on the strength of family. Antigone's story is her humanity and her quest to bury her brother, regardless of the circumstances.




Lyrics Adapted & Written by
Martín Santangelo

Produced by
Sharon Levy
Dovetail Productions, Inc.

Costume Design
Soledad Barrio
Olivera Gajic

Production Design
S. Benjamin Farrar

Tour Manager
Carlos Perez Vega

Stage Manager
Rossana Otero

Mask Artisan
Sydney Moffat


Adapted and Directed by
Martín Santangelo

Soledad Barrio

Additional Choreography
Isabel Bayon

Consulting Director
Lee Breuer

Mask Design Based on the Work of
Mary Frank

Eugenio Iglesias, Salva de Maria, & Martín Santangelo

Vocal Arrangements
Eugenio Iglesias, Salva de Maria, & Martín Santangelo 

Assistant to the Director
Marina Scannell

Artistic Consultant
Gabriela Goldin Garcia 

Original Text