A Z Space Salon: What Are We Doing Here?

A conversation about the Bay Area and its artistic landscape

Monday, March 27 6-9PM
Happy Hour 6 pm / event starts at 7

Hosted by Resident Playwright, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
and Artistic Director, Lisa Steindler

San Francisco and the Bay Area is unlike no other place in the world and is brimming with theater and dance and art and music and burners and moviemakers and goers and makers and technologists and futurists and deadbeats and clergy. Yet sometimes it seems like the different worlds of art don’t always easily get to intersect with one another. And, what with all the good television these days, sometimes it’s even hard to see what’s going in one’s own artistic universe.

What makes up
the Bay Area cultural landscape?

That might be too big and broad a question to answer so…wouldn’t you like to know what other people are up to? We’d like to bring together a collection of artists, non artists, creators, funders, spectators, critics (and whoever shows up) to have a broad and scintillating conversation around these questions:

What has brought (or kept) you in the Bay Area?
What is your “scene"?
What are the aspects of your work and/or life that feel really tied to the Bay Area?

Let’s learn about how big and broad our cultural universe is in the Bay and/or just hang out with some cool people on a Monday night AND let’s drink and eat food while we do it! Artistic Director, Lisa Steindler will be womanning the bar at 6 and we’ll start actually talking and chatting in a more formal form at 7.Some food and snacks will be provided, but feel free to contribute some other delicious items to the mix. AND please feel free to invite a guest, preferable someone who does something different than you!