Z Space & Tricycle Records present

TRicycle records Holiday Punch BOWL

Thursday, December 7th
 Space's Lobby | Doors at 7, Music at 8

Featuring live performances by artists featured on the recently released
Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 7

Cellista classical music, improvisation, and visual art
N. Lannon electronic, indie folk
Bobbi Rohs Punk R&B, experimental electronica
Harriet girl-driven punk, indie, and rock 'n roll

PUNCH BOWL, a tasteful concoction of musical genres. Amid the towering ambience of Z Space's lobby, experienced Bay Area musicians as well as diamond-in-the-rough up-and-comers meet to showcase their music, get in touch with collaborators and fans, and be part of a music community. Music lovers of all stripes get to witness all of this amazing new music with interesting people, and can enjoy a drink at our Z Bar. 

And yes, there will be an actual punch bowl.  < BACK 

Past Punch Bowls

AUG 24

Featuring: Everyone Is Dirty, John And Anna, Derek Brans, Andrew Burmester, Daniel Clark and August Churchill, Nick Petty, Moon Daze, Terry Ashkinos, Jasper Leach


Featuring: The General, Daniel Clark, AJ Magnuson, C.J. Alegre, John And Anna, Shawna Virago, Derek Brans, Mardi Morillo, The Kilbanes (featured performer), Brendan Getzell


Featuring: Brian Vocalist, John LeFan & Anna Dal Pino, Rykarda Parasol, Michelle Renee, Mad Denizen. Leon+theFantastic
CJ Alegre, Brendan Getzell, Leanne Kelly / New Spell


Featuring: John LeFan, Anna Dal Pino, Harry Liu, Eileen Torrez, Derek Brans, Michelle Rene, Andrew Burmester, Brendan Getzell,
Josh Sheppard

For PerfoRMers

Anyone can submit music for Punch Bowl. Please click here and fill out the form. We will need to get some kind of music sample to consider you for a slot (details are in the form). A link to professional online material is great (Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, etc.), but we also welcome creative amateur submissions (i.e. film or record yourself on your smart phone, have fun!)

It's "acousticish”—we'll provide a backline of amps, microphones and Vocal PA, and some basic house instruments: guitar, bass and piano. If you'd like, bring your own electric, acoustic, or bass guitar to plug in. Pickups preferred for acoustic instruments. Coffee shop volume with no drums or laptops. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary set up, please let us know when filling out the form. We value eccentric creativity, but have to temper that with logistical reality. 

We’ll contact scheduled performers in the week leading up to the show. We plan on slots of 7 minutes, occasionally we can extend, but can’t promise that upfront.  Please plan on arriving by 7:30 PM to confirm your slot.  While we won’t completely rule out taking walk-up performers, we will always give priority to those are scheduled.