Photo by Eva Soltes

Photo by Eva Soltes

San Francisco Contemporary Music Players present:

Lou Harrison: A Centenary Celebration

Apr 21-22 on Z Space's Main Stage,
A Weekend Festival
$60 Weekend Pass: $25 per concert ($15 group of 4 or more)

Z Space is proud to welcome the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players for an installment of their At the Crossroads series, where they present the music of iconic contemporary classical composers performed alongside cutting-edge emerging composers from California and beyond.

Eavesdrop on conversations between Lou Harrison, much loved California composer whose 100th birthday we celebrate in 2017, and two younger generations who share his lifelong interests of exploration and inclusivity. We’ll hear Harrison’s music alongside that of Natacha Diels whose work, like Harrison’s, is steeped in a sense of ritual; Gity Razaz who fearlessly combines technologies and cultures; the prolific and eloquent Jimmy Lopez; and the playfully absurd Annie Gosfield. You’ll listen to composer talks and we’ll perform and record music by the newest generation of composers influenced by Harrison’s work through our SF Search Program: the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players program in support of emerging contemporary classical composers.


The Events:

Film Screening: “Lou Harrison: A World of Music

Friday 4/21 - 8 PM | $10

Join us for this film by Eva Soltes. Running time 92. There will be a cash bar before the show, and doors open at 6:30.

Concert #1

Saturday, 4/22, 11 AM (doors 10:30 AM) | $25

Featuring SF Search 2016-17 Winners
With his focus on the openness of Lou Harrison’s melodies and the lushness of microtonal harmonies, Roger Kim has constructed a piece of quiet beauty and generous space for the performer.  From her childhood, near Lou Harrison’s Aptos home, Michelle Zheng was able to experience first hand the unique qualities of the light along the mid-Californian coast and its unique blend of cultures.  In her work, full of musical contrast and shifting emotions, she captures this mixture with grace and skill.   Benjamin Zucker simultaneously explores the dual personality of Lou Harrison, as an American composer indebted to the musical language of the gamelan, and as an American experimentalist.  Through an unusual notational and musical scheme, Zucker captures both.


Roger Kim Quartet with one theme (2017) (5’)
violin, cello, clarinet, piano

Michelle Zheng Rift (2017) (6’)
violin, cello, clarinet, piano

Benjamin Zucker Sarabandisms (2016) (6’)
violin, cello, bass clarinet, piano

Composer Talks, “How Music is Made” with Jimmy Lopez and Natacha Diels

Saturday, 4/22 12:30-1:30pm | Free and open to the public
In our How Music is Made talk series, composers reveal their motivation behind the notes and together we discover the inspiration and narrative behind each piece. We invite you to hear Jimmy Lopez and Natacha Diels discuss their works being performed at the SFCMP Lou Harrison event. Bring your best music-loving friends and join the intimate conversation that was made for the curious.  #HMIM


Concert #2

Saturday, 4/22 2:30 PM | $25


Lou Harrison, Canticle #3 (1942) (15')
Ocarina, 5 percussionists, guitar

Composer conversation with Jimmy Lopez

Jimmy Lopez, Ccantu (2007) (6')

Lou Harrison, Varied Trio (1986) (16')
Piano, Violin, Percussion
written for SFCMP percussionist, William Winant, Julie Steinberg and David Abel

Annie Gosfield, Daughters of the Industrial Revolution (2011) (9') Percussion, Cello

“Knowing Lou”

Saturday, 4/22 6:30pm | Pre-concert Talk

Steven Schick in conversation with David Tanenbaum, William Winant and Karen Gottlieb, SFCMP Ensemble members and friends of Lou Harrison.

A cash bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is available

Concert #3

Saturday, 4/22 7:30pm | $25


Lou Harrison, Suite for Cello and Harp (1949) (12')
Cello, Harp

Gity Razaz, Shadow Lines (2014) (10')
Cello and Electronics

Lou Harrison, Scenes from Nek Chand (2001/2) (11')
Steel Guitar [National] 
Mr. Harrison’s last piece, dedicated to SFCMP guitarist, David Tanenbaum and Carol Law and Charles Amirkhanian

Composer conversation with Natacha Diels

Natacha Diels, The Colors Don’t Match (2014) (11')
*west coast premiere
Piccolo, violin, clarinet, voice, glockenspiel, vibraphone, electronics