Sean Dorsey Dance presents their 2017 Home Season:

Boys Bite Back

May 12 & 13  on Z Space's Main Stage

Sean Dorsey Dance returns to the stage with BOYS BITE BACK – all-new dances about navigating queer and trans masculinities. As the shadow of Tr*mp’s rule falls over LGBTQ communities across the US, Sean Dorsey Dance bites back with full-throttle dance, luscious queer partnering, highly-physical theater and storytelling that celebrate expansiveness and reject compulsory conformity.

In turns explosive, powerful, playful, vulnerable and sexy, BOYS BITE BACK features a series of new dances and a sneak peek of Sean Dorsey Dance’s upcoming show BOYS IN TROUBLE (premieres in 2018). Saturday 8pm performance includes Gala Reception.

BOYS BITE BACK features two special guests: The Singing Bois are a queer retro quartet that twists gender expectations with musical precision; guest performer Amir Rabiyah is a queer, trans, mixed race, disabled, poet and storyteller.

Performed by: Sean Dorsey, Brian Fisher, ArVejon Jones, Nol Simonse and Will Woodward. Original music composed by: Alex Kelly, Ben Kessler and Grey Reverend. Lighting Design: Clyde Sheets. Sound Engineering/Mixing: Laura Dean. Costume Design: Tiffany Amundson.